Dressage Training

Training Principles
With Megan Shea Dressage

In my training there are a few underlying ideals I strive to maintain.

To reward willingness and honesty within each horse, and give them the tools and confidence to perform their best. I want my horses to take pride in the fact that they do a great job listening and working for me, and this is only possible when they understand their work and are rewarded for their effort. 

To build strong partnerships with my equine partners through fair and consistent training, and to assist my students in doing the same. The dialogue between horse and rider can often get blurred by well-intended mixed signals. It is our job as riders to make our messages clear, and my duty as a coach to ensure that my students fully understand what they are asking their horses to do, and how they ask them to do it.

To always continue to learn; there is no end to what we must know as riders and trainers, and our horses will continue to teach us and challenge us for as long as we keep putting our feet in the stirrups. 

To put the welfare of the horse first. Every one of us was drawn to horse sport because of a deep love and appreciation for the horse itself. It is important to always remember this foundation and to treat our equine partners with the respect and care they so deserve.

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Megan is based in Wellington, FL and provides sales services, training, and coaching within the Palm Beach area, as well as clinics across North America and abroad.