Dressage Training

Training Principles
With Megan Shea Dressage

In my time as an equestrian, I have had, and continue to have, the opportunity to learn from many top international riders and trainers. From each, I have learned very valuable lessons and have been able to integrate my understanding of their methods, techniques and insights into my daily training.

In my training there are a few primary, underlying ideals I strive to maintain. First, to maintain and reward willingness and honesty within each horse, and give them the tools to perform their best for their rider. Second, I strive to build strong partnerships with my equine partners through fair and consistent training, but also through fun, light-hearted experiences. Third, to always continue my education as I believe we are never done learning, and a horse can only become educated if taught by an educated rider. Finally, regardless of the situation, I strive to always put the welfare of the horse first. No matter the discipline or level of education, we were all drawn to horse sport because of a love and appreciation of horses. It is important to alway remember this foundation and to treat our partners with the respect and care they so deserve. 


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